I'm a high performing problem solver who is capable of thinking outside the box to provide the most adapted solutions to a wide range of programming languages. With deep knowledge in Mobile, Wearable, and backend API development - including Android, iOS, Ruby on Rails, and Spring - I'm able to provide teams a wide set of skills quickly and efficiently. My specialities include effective leadership, strong communication and organization, and an outstanding vision in software architecutre.

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At WeightWatchers, I work with a team of over 25 mobile engineers. As the Android tech lead, I oversee Android development and provide insight to the architectural foundation of the backend API.

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Augmate focuses on the future of Wearable technology. While working at Augmate, I oversaw the creation of their backend API and internal Wearable SDKs.

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CardFlight provides a set of tools and technology to power your mobile point of sale. With the SwipeSimple mobile application and the CardFlight SDK, accepting swiped credit card payments on mobile devices has never been easier.